Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice

Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice (DIS) at the University of Northern Iowa will promote equity and inclusion for all members of the university by leading efforts in diversity education, advocacy and support of underrepresented and minoritized individuals, and implementing best practices to foster a sense of belonging for all.


Diversity is the hallmark of a thriving species. Here at UNI, we thrive in an atmosphere committed to celebrating how unique you are. We offer a place for diverse, underrepresented and marginalized populations to belong, grow and thrive! Come visit our departments on the upper level of Maucker Union!


Here at DIS, you are one of the rare, uncommon individuals that comprise our rich tapestry of strength, fortitude and beauty. We are a community that doesn’t just welcome you! With DIS, your differences add to who we are. No, you are not just welcome! You belong here!

Social Justice

The history of our department is that of fighters faithful to their cause. In a world that is not always just, we endeavor to equip and empower you to be  a force for change in our social climate. Learn tools and techniques, connect with powerful mentorship and make a difference!